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MY JOURNEY Building the first ever online start up business program
I am Jacqui huntley the founder of jheasyweb and easywebgeeks.com I am trained as a digital marketer and  webmaster. I help small and new start-up businesses create webinars for their  ideas products and services , I advertise and run the whole backend of their new online  business so they don't have to. Once everything is designed and ready I launch their business and all completed for a small upfront cost with an ongoing joint venture of the future profits. I therefore put my money where my mouth is. No sales no fees.
Empowering new and small business to embrace technology and grow healthy incomes.
Create websites, webinars, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, one-stop shop for small to medium business.
JH Easy Web Growing businesses with webinars and websites.
will become a unique behind the scenes business for businesses that produce income with webinar training via an online and workshop presence.
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